Iron Kingdoms Warmachine

The Black Plague Rises

The paryt is hired by a Cygnarian Naval Opperations Secretary in New Larkholm. Two villages have not provided their grain requirements and the Navy does not have the personnel to investigate.

The party travels upriver to Antsbil where they find it wiped out by the plague. They are attacked by plague zombies and most of the party is exposed to the disease. The captain will not let them back on his ship, but they agree to travel overland to the next town, Coinsbridge. The captain will travel up by river and meet them there. Assuming they are not sick by then, he will consider allowing them back on the boat.

At Coinsbridge they discover, “doctors” treating the town’s plague victims and trying to get their medical supplies south. The party determines they are not real doctors and arranges to confront them at the docs. They battle and kill off the doctors, one of whom turns out to be a necromancer. Their medical supplies are actually barrels of infected water.



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